The Cemetery Committee is a Committee of Council for the Village of Oil Springs.  The following members are on the committee:

 Mayor Ian Veen
 Councillor Matt Strangway
 Councillor Larry Wagner
 Bryan Baxter
 Darcy Mitchell
 Greg Brown (Enniskillen Rep)
 Marie Stephenson (Dawn-Euphemia Rep)
 Lee McMurphy (Dawn-Euphemia Rep)

If you have any cemetery related questions, please feel free to contact the Municipal Office at 519-834-2939.

The main gates at the cemetery are closed between November 15 and April 15 of each calendar year.

Please refer to our Cemetery Bylaw  regarding the purchase of plots, cornerstones, and maintenance of the cemetery provided by the Village of Oil Springs.


Perpetual Care

Keeping Things Looking Nice…Forever

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services regulates Cemetery operations in Ontario.  A Cemetery Act is in place called the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002, and many of the regulations in the Oil Springs Cemetery By-law are legally required by the Act.

One of the roles of the Ministry is to protect you – the consumer.  This includes making sure that the Cemeteries are well maintained for your family members.  This is a long-term commitment and you need to know that the money will be there in decades to come.

To ensure that money will be available in the future, the law states that the owner of a Cemetery must have two (2) Care and Maintenance Funds.  A portion of the money that you pay ($250 or 40%, whichever is greater) is put into the Care and Maintenance Trust Funds.  Only the interest that is made by investing the fund’s money can be used to maintain the Cemetery over the years.  The remaining money you pay $450 for residents, $600 for non-residents) stays in the General Cemetery Account and is used to maintain the Cemetery over the years.

1.  CARE & MAINTENANCE (General Fund)
The investment income (interest) from the $250 (or 40%, whichever is greater) as noted above, is deposited into this account and is used for the general upkeep and maintenance of the Cemetery and lots.  The minimum amount that must be put into the trust fund ($250 or 40%, whichever is greater) is legislated by the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and is also shown on the Oil Springs Cemetery Price List (Schedule ‘A’ of the Cemetery Bylaw ).  The amount is part of what you pay when you purchase your interment rights (right to use a lot for burial or also known as a plot)

The investment income (interest) from this trust fund is used to maintain the safety of markers and monuments in the Cemetery. Again, the Act and the Oil Springs Cemetery Price List (Schedule ‘A’ of the Cemetery Bylaw ) lists the minimum amount ($50, $100, or $200 depending on size of monument) that must be collected and deposited into the fund.  This fee is paid when a marker or monument is purchased.

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