The Parks & Recreation Committee is a Committee of Council and includes the following members.  If you have any questions regarding our parks, or trail, please feel free to contact the Municipal Office at 519-834-2939.

Committee Members
Mayor Ian Veen, Chair
Councillor Connie McFadden
Councillor Adam Veen
Carol Powell
Andrea Burns-Antoine
 Jennifer Barry
 Tiffany Irwin



The Parks & Recreation Committee has organized The Memorial Tree Program for anyone who wishes to purchase a tree in memory of a loved one.  The cost to purchase a tree is $100.  The list of trees available to purchase can be found in The Memorial Tree Program.  The tree will be planted by our volunteers, and maintained by the Village of Oil Springs.  Along with the purchase of the tree, an engraved plaque is provided to be placed with the tree at the garden.  The Memorial Tree Garden is located at the entrance of the trail on the south end of Elizabeth Street in Oil Springs.  For more information contact the Municipal Office.

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