By-law 896 of 2021 Final Tax Levy

By-law 915 of 2022 Water and Sewer Rates and Charges Bylaw

By-law 914 of 2022 Various Fees and Charges For Services


By-law 901 of 2021 – Mobile Food and Refreshment Vending and Schedules A B C and D

By-Law 858 of 2020 Prohibiting the Keeping of Certain Animals
Tidy Yard By-law 
Building Permit Bylaw
Cemetery Bylaw (2017) ***consolidated***
Code of Conduct for Members of Council

By-Law 924 of 2022 – Dog license, animals at large, keeping of certain animals
Fence Pool Bylaw
Fire Fees and Charges Bylaw
Off-Road Vehicles Bylaw
Parking Bylaw
Procedural Bylaw***consolidated***
Property Standards Bylaw
Transient Traders Bylaw
Amendment to Water Rates and Charges By-law
Water Regulation Bylaw